Label architecture is an architectural practice based in Brussels, a city the three founding partners, Jean-Didier Bergilez (b. 1974), Michel Lefèvre (b. 1978) and Thibaut Rome (b. 1977) call home. All three are graduates from the La Cambre Institute of Architecture in Brussels. The office opened in 2004 and started off with a participation to the 10th Venice Biennal of Architecture, by curating the Belgian Pavillon. In 2008, while Jean-Didier leaves the office to concentrate on a more theoretical and critical approach to architecture, Christophe Pham (b. 1979) from the St Luc Institute of Architecture in Brussels joins the team.
Projects by Label architecture, on various scales, are as much an opportunity to play with existing space, from their common reference points, as not to take themselves too seriously while being serious about their work. An insatiable will to play with the obvious to maximum effect.

Team members:
Michel Lefèvre (partner)
Thibaut Rome (partner)
Christophe Pham (partner)
Jean-Didier Bergilez (passive partner)
Henri Winter
Andreas Vanysacker
Emilien Ducommun

Past collaboration:
Veronique Patteeuw
Harold Guyaux
Aurélie Lefébure
Marie-Cécile Guyaux
Carlo Menon
Paul Sosson
Bruno de Veth
Manuella Vanotti
Gabriella Calogero
Radim Louda
Valerio Sartori
Francesca Galluzzo
Alice Aldrin-Schrepfer
Camille Tréchot
Eliza Culea
Magdalena Jagoda
Angela Gigliotti
Riccardo Villa
Alexandra Pustianu
Caterina Cerisola
François Romainville
Séverin Malaud
Alessandro Danesi
Rajesh Gupta
Katarzyna Zielinska
Konrad Kulwicki
Rosa Navarro Pons
Jason Loo
Cristiano Civerra
Mathieu Laporte
Julien Rippinger
Frédéric Karam
Pauline Fockedey
Anne-Laure Iger
Daria Nosova
Hannelore Thomas
Sorcha Maguire
Cassiopée Loget
Yves Goy
Jean-Sébastien de Harven
Pierre-Olivier Iger
Corentin Dalon
Daniela Mures
Richard Lee Peragine
Zuzana Púcha
Frédéric De l'Escaille